Lecturer, Visual Art and Design | Canberra Institute of Technology

July 2010 – May 2018

Education is and will be the most powerful tool for individual and social change, and we must do all that it takes to facilitate it.

Shiv Nadar

Art is the heart’s explosion on the world. Music. Dance. Poetry. Art on cars, on walls, on our skins. There is probably no more powerful force for change in this uncertain and crisis-ridden world than young people and their art. It is the consciousness of the world breaking away from the strangle grip of an archaic social order.

Luis J. Rodriguez
  • Teaching and assessing diverse adult learners in Visual Art and Design
  • Teaching programs from Certificate 3 to Degree: Certificate 3 in Design Fundamentals; Certificate 4 in Visual Arts; Diploma of Visual Arts; Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development; Advanced Diploma in Art and Design; Bachelor of Design- Fashion.
  • Teaching subjects- Experimental digital, Digital Art investigation, Adobe Photoshop, Professional Art Practice, Marketing, Exhibition management, Drawing and Design Principles, Concept development and Creative thinking, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, 2D & 3D design, Art theory, Image Making 1 and 2 (drawing for fashion), Designers in their Context, Design Realization, Integrated Design Project, Presentation skills, Exhibition Management, Studio, Creative realisation and presentation.
  • mapping courses against national competencies and preparing resources: course outlines, subject guides, lesson plans and teaching resources appropriate to curriculum and level of award
  • designing online content to facilitated learning in digital forums e.g on Elearn, social media- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Gamification and collaboration e.g Kahoot, Padlet
  • participating in curriculum development for visual arts courses; Diploma of Visual Arts, Certificate 4 in Visual Arts and Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development.
  • leading (with colleague Paul Murray) VET Mobility tour to Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology 2016
  • conducting a research project and presenting to other staff on the use of ‘Ipad’s as a Teaching tool’ for the Advanced Diploma on Creative Product Development course; and subsequently utilizing Ipad’s as a teaching tool in this course.
  • organising industry speakers to delivers specialist lectures (In Conversations Speaker Series 2015)
  • coordinating the art, design and photography ‘Art theory pilot’ collaboration program (2013) to teach similar competencies to students form a variety of disciplines in Technology and Design.
  • working with teaching colleagues in a team-teaching environment
  • coordinating and participating in formal and informal assessment panels and processes -assessing students work and providing constructive feedback.
  • coordinating and participating in industry validation
  • training and mentoring casual staff
  • participating in marketing & outreach activities
  • developing and producing student exhibitions in public art galleries (e.g Australian National Capital Artists Gallery, Designspace, Floraide,  Momentum at Bus Depot markets, Smiths Alternative Gallery, Belconnen Art Centre)
  • Major achievements:  Advanced Diploma of Adult Learning and Development 2017, VET Mobility Tour 2016, Industry Speaker Series 2015, Momentum exhibitions 2013 and 2014, Art theory collaboration 2013.
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